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Which hot water service is best for you?

Updated: Jun 30

What's the best hot water system?

When looking at hot water services, there are many things to consider; installation costs, running cost, location of pump, reliability, type of use and energy efficiency.

What are the options?


Gas hot water systems are the most energy efficient option as they only heat water when it is needed, are cheaper to run and they produce less green house gas emissions. They have higher installation costs than electric systems. They require connection to gas mains and must be located outside.


Electric hot water services are the most expensive to run. Some systems heat water in off-peak times to reduce costs, however this water needs to last for the rest of the day. They are less environmentally friendly than gas or solar hot water services. They can be located indoors and have a low upfront installation cost.


Solar hot water services have the highest upfront installation costs. However, solar systems can decrease your hot water systems energy consumption and subsequently keep your electricity bills very low. These system substantially reduce your carbon footprint.

Solar hot water systems rely on direct sunlight and need to use back up gas/electric systems on overcast days.

Heat Pump

Heat pump hot water services are another energy-efficient system - their long term energy costs are low, however upfront installation costs are high. A heat pump hot water system relies on the heat from either the ground or air around it to heat water, meaning it really needs to be used in warmer climates to work effectively.

Instantaneous vs Storage?

Is an instantaneous or a storage hot water system best for your home?


Instant hot water is a continuous system that heats the water as it is needed, it does not store water, making them more energy efficient. Installation costs can be high, depending on your home. These kinds of options are not connected to an off-peak tariff system, on-peak running costs can be quite high.


Storage hot water systems store the heated water for use. Once the tank is empty, it tajes time to refill and heat the water again. These hot water systems are generally cheaper and easier to install, however they use a lot of energy to ensure the stored water at the right temperature and are therefore not very energy efficient.

Hot water system brands

Which hot water system brand is the best for your home?


Rinnai is a well-known hot water system brand, producing a range of both commercial and domestic system options including electric, solar and heat pump storage varieties. Rinnai employ innovative manufacturing and testing techniques to deliver unparalleled levels of quality, safety, comfort and efficiency in all appliances. They are most known for their famous Rinnai Infinity Continous Flow Hot Water Service. Their products are reliable and focus on energy efficiency.


Istore air to energy offer premium efficiency and performance hot water services that harness energy in the air to generate environmentally friendly hot water to service your home. Their quality system can reduce CO2 emissions by 4 tonnes and save you money on energy bills. The product is slimline and easy to install.


Reclaim energy offer CO2 heat pump hot water services. Their product is innovative, intelligent and customisable to meet family needs and changing seasons. Reclaim heat pump systems are very energy efficient and provide great energy savings. They have good warranties for their products.


Rheem is a leading hot water service brand, with top quality products. They manufacture an entire range of hot water services including; solar storage, electric, gas, heat pump and gas continuous flow systems. There will be a product in their range suitable for your home. Rheem offer quality, easy-to-use and affordable products.


Bosch offers a range of gas continuous flow hot water services. The systems are efficient, reliable and good value for money.

The hot water system that is right for you depends on your household size, your needs and your location. Talk to one of our qualified plumbers today (0425620535) to help you decide which of these system is the best fit for your home.

We supply and install the leading hot water service brands and can inform you of the pros and cons of each system.

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