Blocked Drains/Hydrojetting

Rid yourself of the hassle of blocked drains or blocked sewer by connecting with our team of licensed and fully qualified plumbers. We speclialise in burst pipes, leak detection and blockages in drains or sewers, and are available same day.

We use the best available hydro-jetting equipment to locate and clear blockages quickly and with minimal mess.


Abnormal smells or gurgling sounds from your drain are often a tell-tale sign of drain blockage. Other warning signs may include a toilet with changing water levels or slow to drain. It is best to tackle these problems as soon as possible to prevent against irreversible and often costly damage.


There are many reasons for drain blockages including:

  • Tree roots invading below ground sewer and stormwater drains

  • Grease and fat build up from the kitchen

  • Hair and soap scum from showers, basins or bath


Whatever the blockage, we can co-ordinate and implement a fast reliable solution.

- Block drains or sewer

- Drain repair & camera inspections

- Septic Tanks

- Rainwater tank installations

- Rain water pump installations

- Pipe relining


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